The Beatles - Round the World

Limited Editions - 200 Sets Worldwide

Round Lab presents The Beatles museum grade “Round The World” installation – the ultimate collectible for collectors and the Apple Scruffs.

This collectible is a premium set featuring the magnificent live performance at the NME Poll-Winners’ Concert in 1964. The dual-sided circle installation also consists of the iconic stage elements of The Beatles. Collectors can set up their own wall installation piece by piece.

Image Copyright 2021 © Mirrorpix. Art Dumbo. All rights reserved. Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.

Time Magazine

“20th century's 100 most important people.”

Rolling Stone Magazine

“The greatest artists in history.”

The Beatles – “Round the World” Premium dual-sided installation at collector’s room and gallery. An unique collectible in fine art quality honouring the Spirit of Rock.

“On stage at the New Musical Express poll winner’s concert at Empire Pool Wembley on 26 April 1964.”

58 years ago, on Sunday, April 26, 1964, The Beatles performed five songs at the New Musical Express Annual Poll-Winners All-Star Concert held at Empire Pool in Wembley, London, UK. The band performed She Loves You, You Can’t Do That, Twist And Shout, Long Tall Sally and Can’t Buy Me Love.

Image Copyright 2021 © Mirrorpix. Art Dumbo. All rights reserved.

The front side

  • The Beatles – “Round the World” is a dual-sided circle installation that can be displayed as a wall piece with its original black leather guitar strap and themed wall bolt.

  • The front side of the “Round the World” is a gallery print quality jigsaw puzzle featuring the live performance by The Beatles at the NMEPoll-Winners’ Concert in 1964, which was the music event being called as “the greatest array of pop talent in the world”.

  • The “Round the World” jigsaw puzzle (1000pcs, 680mm diameter) is no ordinary piece, it is dedicated for exceptional puzzle building satisfaction – high grade and precisely made pieces, optimal complexity to bring a sense of accomplishment. The puzzle print is a remastered archival image printed with first-rate Flint Ink on deluxe Montblanc Paper (240 gsm). A premium grid cut made “Round The World” a seamlessly fit puzzle that brings you each piece a snappy, satisfying experience. 

  • “Round the World” comes with a tailor-made, patent pending metallic double sided round frame, it is the finest combination of innovation and art.

  • “Round the World” Golden Jigsaw Piece at the topmost 12 o'clock position makes the metal ornament of the installation.

The rear side

  • The rear side is an exhibit of 4 divine items:

    1. Music gears“Round the World” Guitar Picks for John / Paul / George and Drumsticks for Ringo, each item with their names engraved.    

  • 2. The Beatles Golden Coins(plated with 24k gold) – imaging “Abbey Road”, each coin engraved with an individual silhouette of the band member.

  • 3. The Beatles discography – a complete list of studio albums printed on the frame screen.

    4. “Round the World”Metal Plate with individual marked number. 

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Inside the box

NFC Certificate
Art Handling Gloves
Special Booklet (metal puzzle piece inside)
Leather Guitar Strap
Hanging Knob
Puzzle pack (with puzzle glue × 2 + glue scraper)
Round Frame
Round Frame Hanger × 2
Bolt (44mm) × 1
VR Viewer
Serial Numbered Metal Plate
The Beatles Golden Coin × 4
Guitar Pick × 3

Image Copyright 2021 © Mirrorpix. Art Dumbo.
All rights reserved.

Item shown is a prototype. When shipped,
the final production piece may differ in appearance.